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51. Party Sharty

James had his 21st birthday party at a really nice posh place near Victoria. Turned out to be an awesome night! Looking over my last few posts, it looks as if I go to parties/weddings all the time. I don’t usually- honest! This is a random burst of activity before the social hibernation that is exam revision time.

James was pretty clear about the dress code. We were to come in dresses which gave me the opportunity to get my bargain prom dress out of my wardrobe. I haven’t worn it in about 4 years but I had a really special prom and thus many happy memories associated with that dress. The only problem was that I had to take the train there. Where lies the problem you may wonder… well my coat is quite short and my dress is quite long and coat on top of dress looks pretty darn ridiculous. Add public transport and unwanted attention and you get a problem. What I ended up doing was tucking my dress into some jeans (yay creased dress!), wearing flats and putting my heels in a separate bag. I was also wearing tights under my jeans which is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world and the tights were so tight, they felt like Spanx aka. a corset for my legs.  Highly unpleasant. It also rained on the way so my hair, which looked nice and tame when I left home, looked flat and lifeless by the time I arrived. Greattt!

Everyone was looking super dapper, particularly James who was looking extra boom in a suit and tie.


James and Shakira


Me, Meeti and Suzannah (unintentionally wearing all black)

My friend Meeti has a special diet which essentially cuts out eggs, meat, fish, onions and garlic. James alerted the caterers about this and gave them a week to come up with something for her. At the start of the evening, Meeti was told that the Head Chef was specially preparing her meals and that they would be brought to her. It felt like VIP treatment and I was really impressed. Unfortunately they seemed to think her diet was also gluten free which imposes further restrictions. The waiter walked in with an impressive silver tray and lid and theatrically lifted it to reveal this as her starter:



That’s right. Boiled veggies. We were rather bemused. For mains she got extremely salty aubergine and courgettes slices piled into a tower with spinach. It was probably not the most appetizing meal compared to the lamb and vegetable lasagna everyone else was tucking into. Things ended well though because James’ birthday cake was a beautiful, super tasty eggless cake that Meeti (and me) scoffed. Om nom nom!

I promised James I would dance (badly) at his birthday and I did. Me and Meeti kicked off our shoes and busted a few dance moves on the floor. About 20 of us performed the Macarena and everyone had great fun Gangnam styling. I think my rotating lightbulb dance went down quite well!



Basically…. I had a really good time! Woo!

Over and Out!

47. A Bizarre Encounter With A Bus Driver

I take a bus, an overground train and an underground train to get to university, which is pretty much every mode of transport. So if one goes wrong, I am actually screwed.

You might be thinking, eh… there were no buses included in your university travel post. This is true. The thing is, it is kinda difficult to get away with acting like a tourist in your own hometown. Additionally, my phone is super annoying and can’t take pictures silently. I don’t want people on the bus thinking I’m taking pictures of the backs of their heads. I could get punched.

On with the story…Yesterday I was waiting at the bus stop in the pouring rain without an umbrella. It was early afternoon so it was quiet- there were only another 5 people there. The E6 bus pulled up and the driver opened the doors directly in front of where I was sitting. Everyone got on except me, because, well it’s not my bus.

However the driver left the doors open and motioned that I should get in. I shouted from my seat that this wasn’t my bus and he clutched his heart and fell back theatrically as if I’d just shot him. This was the last thing I was expecting. It totally caught me off guard and I started laughing. He told me to get on again and I said I really couldn’t. He then blew me a kiss and drove off. That part was a little weird but overall a highly amusing interaction.

People do such funny things!

42. More moaning

Last Friday I was so happy and relaxed because I had the day off and didn’t have to go to a secondary school and teach. Well I had to go this week and it was like the world was taking its vengeance for me having last week off. Genuinely had the one of the worst lessons of my life.

The day didn’t start wonderfully. The bus I take to get to the station was just epicly late and it was so packed, I physically couldn’t get tissue out of my pocket to blow my nose. Hence my nose was drooling the entire time so everyone was throwing me dirty glances for sniffing. Sorry.  After that the district line kept bloody stopping. It is extremely frustrating sitting in an immobile train when you know you’re late.

As for the lesson… the teacher refused to start until everybody was quiet. That would be the ideal situation but realistically, there will always be one person talking or shuffling or fidgeting or dropping something that makes noise. And there’s always one silly kid in the class that has to say something at the last second and cause even more delays. It genuinely took 25 minutes to begin, in which time me and Shakira were standing at the back twiddling our thumbs and feeling bloody awkward.

There are a few kids in that class that are really volatile. They can flip in an instant. You have to constantly be on your guard because if they’re unhappy, they lash out by picking up the nearest thing and throwing it or kicking it. This might be their maths book or a chair for example. They have no regard for who or what is around. I mean that’s the behaviour of a toddler… just being a pain in the arse to get attention.

Bad attitudes are abundant. I don’t know who these kids think they are. I genuinely fear what will happen to them when they get older. They can’t even speak coherently (‘Did I arsk for your opinion?’). Who the hell is going to hire them? There was one girl who particularly ticked me off. There’s one thing being cheeky but she was downright rude and ignorant.  I asked her a basic question and she said ‘I can’t be bovvered’. I shouldn’t have let it get to me but it did and I blurted ‘then I can’t be bothered to help you’. I know it’s bad. Blah blah I shouldn’t have said it. But why do children seem to have more rights than the teacher? She gets to say whatever the hell she likes but oh noo you can’t retaliate. Bullshit.

Another thing. The language is appalling. They’re only 11/12 years old and some of the stuff coming out of their mouths is vile. I’m not a saint. I swear and use bad language too but never in school and certainly not to the teachers. Seriously-the teacher said something to a boy and he said deadpan ‘suck my balls‘. He got sent out.

Most of the class was held behind for 25 minutes at lunch and the teacher left us unsupervised with for a bit. She’s not supposed to do that -_- As soon as she left, they started packing their bags and putting their coats on as if to leave. By this point I was freaking out. How am I meant to singlehandedly stop 15 kids from stomping out. What am I supposed to do… barricade the door?! Thankfully none of them made any serious attempt to leave (thank you God).

Last but not least, Shakira and me were supposed to be taking this lesson but it got cancelled at the last minute because the teacher was supposed to be inspected. Guess what? No inspector. We slaved away for a week making their resources and getting everything ready and it got delayed for no reason.  Not impressed.

As you can probably tell, I’m in a fantastic mood right now. I’m supposed to be going my friend’s party. She said she would call when enough people had turned up and it was okay to come. I’ve been ready since half 6 and it’s now half 8 and still no call. I am borderline in tears of frustration. She hasn’t texted me back and won’t return my calls. Sitting at my computer blogging in my party gear… I look pretty pathetic.