Welcome to the inside of my head.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while and with the help of James and Shakira, I managed to record my uni commute in photo form. Travelling to and fro uni takes about 3 hours which is 1/8 of my day ie. a long bloody time. I hate it and I love it but either way it’s become a huge part of my life and I wanted some way to remember it forever.

P.S. The title of this post are lyrics from One Republic’s song ‘Good Life’ which always makes me think of London!

Comments on: "45. Woke up in London yesterday, found myself in the city" (3)

  1. I use Paddington station daily, and a few others. Sometimes South Ken. Possibly see you around. I’m assuming you’re an Imperial student? So am I 😉

    • threemagical said:

      Well snap! I’m Imperial Maths undergrad 🙂
      Paddington is like a second home to me- I shall look out for you!

  2. […] might be thinking, eh… there were no buses included in your university travel post. This is true. The thing is, it is kinda difficult to get away with acting like a tourist in your […]

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